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Protect your money and yourself against fraud.

Fraud Prevention

在阿灵顿巴黎人官方app下载联邦信用合作社,你的安全和幸福是第一位的. We monitor for fraudulent and suspicious activity on all accounts, 但我们希望确保你了解欺诈防范,这样你就可以保护自己. That’s why we recommend you never provide any personal, 私人信息通过电话或电子邮件,我们让您更新当前的欺诈计划.

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How ACFCU Fights Fraud

  • 我们绝不会出于非核实的目的向您索取个人信息, including your full social security number or PIN.
  • ACFCU has an enhanced fraud prevention system with automated call, text, 还有电子邮件选项,让你接收通知,检查可疑活动和交易.
  • You can immediately text the provided command word, interact with the automated phone system, or speak with a live agent.
  • 我们要求您保持最新的联系信息,以便我们可以很容易地联系和通知您.
  • If at any time you’re suspicious of a communication from ACFCU, call 为了验证有效性——我们和你在一起,你的健康是我们的第一要务.

Ensure Your Account Is Protected

Verify your account information today.

Protect your account by making sure your contact info, especially your cell phone number, is up to date. 有了当前的联系方式,我们可以在潜在的欺诈情况下通知您.


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What to Watch For

  • Unusual Account Activity
    • 我们鼓励我们所有的会员定期检查他们的账户交易中他们不认识的活动, including fraudulent deposits.
    • 这些存款通常在骗子已经取出后被当作假币退回, leaving you responsible for that amount.
    • If you find a suspicious transaction, immediately notify ACFCU for potential fraud to protect yourself.
  • Skimming

    略读从信用卡或借记卡中获取磁性信息,并用于欺诈目的. To help prevent your card from being skimmed:

    • Don’t use an ATM or credit card machine that looks tampered with.
    • 当你将密码输入自动取款机或信用机时,请用手保护你的密码.


  • Phishing

    网络钓鱼诈骗包括“欺骗”电子邮件和欺诈性网站,看起来好像它们是由一个你已经认识的人或组织发送的,并要求你提供或“验证”你的个人信息, private information (passwords, credit card numbers, account numbers, etc.). To avoid phishing:

    • 在使用互联网和回应电话邀请时要谨慎.
    • 对任何标有“紧急请求”和“询问个人信息”的邮件都要保持警惕.
    • Do not click on the links in an email you’re unsure is authentic.
    • Look for “http://” 在提供你的借记卡或信用卡信息时,出现在网站地址前面.
    • Review your statements regularly.
    • 对那些声称来自你的金融机构并要求你提供信息的邮件要保持警惕.
    • Install a firewall and anti-spyware on your computer.
    • Update your browser with security patches regularly.
  • SMIShing

    SMiShing, a combination of “SMS”, the technical term for texting, and “phishing,使用短信来提示个人向“SMiSher”提供他们个人的, private information. To avoid SMiShing:

    • 不要回复要求提供个人隐私信息的短信. If suspicious activity has been detected on your account, 我们将打电话或发短信,您可以按照说明回答有关您最近信用卡活动的问题.
  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft, the fastest-growing crime in the country, occurs when someone steals someone else’s personal, private information and then pretends to be that person. Minimize your risk of identity theft:

    • 除非你主动提出交易,否则切勿在电话或互联网上提供个人资料.
    • Do NOT carry your social security card in your wallet.
    • 把你随身携带的所有卡片和信息复印件(正面和背面),以防你的钱包被盗,并把它们放在一个安全的地方.
    • Destroy all unused preapproved credit card offers immediately.
    • 每天及时从你的邮箱中删除邮件,如果你打算离开一段时间,请邮局在你回来之前保留你的邮件.
    • 每年检查您的免费信用报告,以确保所有信息是准确的.
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Other Common Scams

  • Cashier’s Check Scam

    这一骗局涉及分发看似来自ACFCU的银行本票, but are actually fraudulent. If you receive an unexpected ACFCU cashier’s check, 立即巴黎人贵宾厅之前,存款,以确定它是否合法或不.

  • Grandparent Scam

    这个长期存在的骗局以年长的受害者为目标,假装成他们的孙子或孙女,要求他们电汇钱给他们以备不时之需, without providing too many details. 他们可能会说“请不要告诉妈妈或爸爸”或“我的鼻子断了。, so I may sound strange.”

  • Jury Duty Scam


  • Medicare Scam

    In 2019, 联邦政府用11位数字的身份证号取代了印有参保人社会安全号码的医保卡,以保护老年人免遭身份盗窃. Now, 骗子试图骗人们给他们新的11位的身份证号,这样他们就可以接管他们的身份.

  • Sweetheart Scam

    这通常涉及一个带有虚假信息和照片的交友网站账户,其个人资料好得令人难以置信. Once a target has been established, 这种骗局通常会升级到小偷暴露出金钱问题,可能还会要求你提供资金,这样他或她就可以亲自来见你或帮助生病的亲戚.

  • IRS Scam

    这些骗子声称受害者欠美国国税局钱,必须立即付款,否则就会被逮捕, deported or have their driver’s license suspended. Sometimes, the caller becomes aggressive, 警告人们,如果他们不立即付款,治安官或当地执法人员就会上门. The IRS will never call to demand immediate payment over the phone, threaten to bring in local police, ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone, or require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes.

  • Tech Support Scam

    This scam can occur through a phishing email, a phone call, 一个弹出的AD或你的设备上一个锁定的屏幕,有一个电话号码需要拨打来修复它. Legitimate customer, security, 或者,技术支持公司不会主动与个人联系.

防范诈骗:如果您有任何问题或担忧,请直接通过手机银行或网上银行的安全信息与中华全国书联联系, an email to (email is not secure, so don’t include any private info) or by calling: 703.526.0200 x4.

The Fine Print

虽然我们监测欺诈或可疑活动,并可能主动与您联系有关活动, 我们将永远不会打电话并要求保密信息,如您的整个帐户号码或密码. Contact us: 703.526.0200 x4 if you have provided confidential information. Message and data rates may apply.